Shannon: Madrid

January 27, 2009
Royal Palace of Madrid

Royal Palace of Madrid

Well the whole school has off on Fridays so we can take class trips. This first school sponsored trip was to Madrid! We arrived around 10:30 am and headed straight to the Palacio Real. With in minutes, while waiting in line to enter the Palace, a girl got her money stolen right out of her purse! For the rest of the day we all looked around suspiciously, guarding our bags with our lives!! Swiper no Swiping! (again… why do I do these things?). Needless to say, the Palace was FREAKING SWEET! All of the original carpets, tapestries, artwork, and furniture was still there! We had a personal tour of about 30 of the 2800 rooms in the palace and got to see the armory, and royal pharmacy! We then had a short bus tour of the city before heading to lunch at el Museo de Jamon (the ham museum… which isn’t actually a museum) where we were served fried chicken and french fries… AUTHENTIC! The day only got better ’cause the rest of the day was free time to explore. The girls and I went to find our hostel, checked in, and Nicole and I went on a wild goose chase to find a Movistar (cell phone company) so I could add more money to my pay-as-you-go phone.This search went on for about 3 hours, but I also think we went into EVERY shoe store that was selling botas (boots) too. Boots are all the rage… you can’t find a woman NOT wearing boots. Even 6 year old children are wearing them! (So of course we got some en rebaja!).

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