Allison: Mountain Hiking

March 9, 2009

Our hiking trip began at 8:00 Friday morning. We walked across Oaxaca City to a bus station where we would soon depart for our 3 day excursion. Backpacks, camping gear, and nausea pills in hand, we boarded the school-bus-like vehicle for a long, winding ride to a small village in the mountains north of Oaxaca. Turns out Dramamine works really well. We fell right asleep and were barely conscious for the 2 hour ride through the mountains!

We arrived in the village of Coajimoloyas—population around 1,000. There was hardly anyone around: A few goats, some stray dogs and the occasional donkey. It was spread out along the mountain side and was quite beautiful. Our excursion began at noon with a 8km hike (about 5 mile). We went up, down, around and through the mountain terrain around Coajimoloyas. Of the three days, this hike was the most exciting.

This first hike was also the most technical—we climbed through holes in an enormous rock, up the side of a cliff, and down steep inclines. It felt more like a rock climbing adventure than an easy  hike.During mid-afternoon it got very hot. Being up in the mountains meant there were no clouds to block the sun. We had clear blue sky—bluer than we could ever imagine—above us at all times. Luckily, most of our hike was among tall pine trees that blocked the sun.

By the end of the day we were quite exhausted. The moment we took off our packs we laid down to rest. A brief rest turned into a 2 hour nap and we were all sleeping like babies.We saw too many amazing things, it would be impossible to share. Plants, animals, geography – we were all breathless (and not just from climbing a mountain all day).

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