Allison: Day 2

March 14, 2009

img_1986We were off to a later start on the second day of our adventure. It took until about 11:00 in the morning for our bodies to completely thaw from the cold night. Although we had a fireplace in our cabin it did manage to burn out during the night. And when you’re sleeping in an adobe cabin with no heat source in the mountains it begins to feel a little like Minnesota. The temperature reached about 35 degrees Fahrenheit overnight.

Around noon we left for the adventure that would be much longer than the one previous. We covered a distance of 10 miles to the next city—Latuvi. This walk was long and steady with fewer intense climbs. By this time we were used to the altitude change so our breathing was a little more calm and we all felt more comfortable on the hike.

We traveled with a group of 8 on this hike. Turns out it was a perfect number, we all were able to keep up with our tour guide (and sometimes had to wait for him or her). Its amazing how these guides can find their way through the mountains. What a job! What we found interesting was the guides make 150 pesos for guiding us through the countryside. This is exactly $10 (dollars) for the 5+ hour hike we embarked on. Not too much—and you really begin to understand the issues with poverty in Mexico.


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