Allison: At School

March 29, 2009
This is our school, “Instituto Cultural” in Oaxaca City. It is a language school for students and visitors to take Spanish classes. Fortunately, we also have our studio here as well. So we spend more time here than we like to.
Our spanish class is taught in this room. The group of 19 students from the UofM are divided into four levels according to our spanish skills. I bet you can guess which level I am in… Lessons are taught only in Spanish by teachers from the Cultural Institute, which made it very difficult to catch on to.

We play games often – teléfono caliente (‘hot potato’ with a cell phone), Spanish family feud, pictionary, charades, and sometimes we do role playing (which can be quite dramatic at times).

Our studio is in a gated area where nobody else is allowed. We have our own building with drafting tables, bathrooms, a patio and hammocks. It is a comfortable area big enough for all 19 of us, so we couldn’t ask for more!

Below is a photo of our instructors Daniel Lopez (Mexican architect) and Lance LaVine (U of M professor) at studio having fun with Daniel’s dog, Chufa. Both of them are fantastic instructors and maintain a good balance for the class. Lance likes to tear our projects apart (literally) and Daniel seems to like everything we do – he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

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