Kari: Yes Dad, I am actually learning something…

April 5, 2009
March 23rd-March 25th

I had to write a paper for my Modern Irish Society class. My topic was the downfall of the Churches in Ireland in relation to sexual morality. I found the topic is be very interesting, and I learned so much by simply writing this 2,000 word paper. I found myself procrastinating, as always, so my dear friend Amanda changed my password on facebook for about 48 hours so I couldn’t get on. What a blessing that was. It’s funny how much work can get done if you just sit down and focus on it for a couple of hours!

March 26th- I ran to class at 9:15 AM and luckily we got done extremely early, so I ran to the library to edit my paper. I then went to class from 11:15-12:15, watched a couple presentations, then came back to the library ready to print my paper. Of course the printers had to be broken that day. I found Kelsey, we worked out a plan of action and figured out where the other computer labs were with computers. I had to go through a complicated process of turning in my paper through a plagiarism website because plagiarism is a big problem here, then I had to print out my paper and turn in a hard copy to the school office. After waiting around for a good 10 minutes, I just left my paper in Bill’s mailbox and prayed that he would get it. After I walked with Kelsey to turn in her paper, I came back to my flat to pack for LONDON! Our good friend, Johnny Stewart (you can call him J-Stew), came and picked us up at 4:30 PM to give us a lift to the Belfast City Airport. We were a bit early, so J-Stew dropped us off at the curb, went and parked his car, then came back and joined us for a cup of tea before we went through security. It only took us about a half hour to get through security, and in a matter of ten minutes after we went through security, our flight was ready to line up…

I will have to finish my London adventures when I return. I have to go catch a cab with Bethany and Baz to the International airport because we are heading to Amsterdam for a few days!

Until next time…

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