Kari: I can blame it on exams…

May 17, 2009

Exam time is here and my brain in mush. I’ve already completely two of my three exams, but the one I am most nervous about takes place on Thursday at 2 PM. I can blame my lack of updating my blog on the fact that I have been living in the library for the past week and a half trying to comprehend information that I needed to know for my finals. So to make this as easy as possible, I’ll give you a highlight of what happened everyday since May 10th!

May 10th: Happy American Mother’s Day! I started my day with a wee chat with my mom to wish her a happy and blessed mother’s day. I regret not being able to spend the day with her, but that just means I’ll have to make it up to her with a girls day out when I get home. I also got to chat with my dad for a while, which is always nice, especially when I get him in a good mood. After a day of doing pretty much nothing, I finally got ready for church and headed to Carrickfergus with Kelsey and Bethany for service. After service, we decided to attend the Logos Hope ship that was still docked at the York Docks in Belfast. It was my second time on the ship, but it never ceases to amaze me. The OM ship is such a flawless production and it makes me completely relieved and joyed that I can call myself a Christian along with some of the missionaries on the ship. Experiencing the ship and studying abroad has made me think more and more about mission and possible stepping out in faith and doing one myself. After the ship, Kelsey, Bethany, Andrew, Leanna, Roo, Charlie, and myself headed out for a late night cuppa and chat. A night out with the Carrick-Crew is unforgettable. Andrew gave us a lift back to Uni around 11:00 PM and as we drove along the motorway, Kelsey and I looked at each other and both said without hesitation, “I’m going to miss this.” So, if you ask me how my experience was just know that it was amazing and the fact that I will miss it everyday should give you a proper answer.

May 11th: Yeeooooo. I studied?!!?! Yes, that is right, I studied too much today, I should have earned a prize! My first final is on Wednesday and needless to say, I needed to study! My day of studying turned into a night of boredom. I honestly could not study any longer for the fear that my brain might actually dissipate, so I closed my books and called it a night.

May 12th: One day before my final and I have absolutely NO motivation to study. Not good. Sometimes guilt kicks in and gets my butt into gear, but this time that was not the case. I believe it was around 3:00 PM that I finally made it to the library and I got down to business. It’s something about being in the presence of ‘scholars’ that make me want to be (pretend, act) scholarly. After a few hours in the library, I should have been feeling pretty good about my exam the next day, but unfortunately nerves set in big time and I seemed to have forgotten everything I’d been studying! I was in a state of emergency, so I rushed back to my flat to chill out. After an hour or two of napping and ‘zenning’ my senses, I got up and started to look over things again with Amanda, who was also freaking out about the exam. After a couple hours, it was time to hit the hay. My final was at 9:30 AM the next morning!

May 13th: My SOCIOLOGY EXAM IS TODAY! I woke up around 7:30 AM and got ready for an exam that was either going to go very well or kick my butt. After a wee cuppa, I walked over to my exam with Amanda, freaking out as always. It was a three hour exam where I had to answer three questions out of eight. The first two I felt went very well, but I was wrecked before I even started the last one…nice, Kari, way to finish that off strong! After the exam, I gave myself the day off even though I had another exam on Friday. Really though, I don’t think I could have gotten anything more into my brain. I was done for the day.

May 14th: As refreshed as I felt from getting 14 hours of sleep (in one night…not in one week, like usual) I knew there was a long day ahead of me. I headed to the library. There were unfortunately some extremely loud and obnoxious boys who had no respect for others and made studying very difficult. They luckily left after a while and I was able to get some intense studying done. I headed back to my apartment after a while and studied some more, and then some more after that. Sleep was few hours that night as I was very nervous for my exam the next day at 2 PM.

May 15th: I got up and studied a bit more before my exam at 2:00 PM. I was really nervous going into the final, but realized that the questions I needed to answer were exactly what I had studied, so I just got down to work. It took my 1.5 hours to finish my 2 hour exam and I thought I deserved a treat. I bought myself lunch and hung out with Bethany, Baz and Amanda for a while before getting ready to go over to Big A’s house in Carrick. Amanda and I headed over to Carrickfergus around 8:45 PM and stayed until about midnight. It felt so good to just relax, hang out with old friends and meet some new ones. Those are the nights I’m going to miss, dropping in and having a beer and toast with some really great people.

May 16th: Shopping day. After a loooong week of studying and taking exams, I decided that I deserved some retail therapy. Amanda and I went into Belfast to shop and we got some pretty great deals! I bought a new skirt, a dress, and some souvenirs for others! We were then going to go out for some drinks, but since the weather was crap, we decided not to. I then proceeded to put on my pajamas and watch two movies before falling asleep.

May 17th: I can’t believe it! I slept until 1 PM this afternoon, so even though it is currently 4:42 PM, I feel like it’s only noon. My day is completely messed up at the moment. I’m going to service this evening with the Carrick-Crew, then probably back over to Andrew’s for a night of banter. Can you believe this is my second to last service at First Carrickfergus Presbyterian Church? Looking back, I’m not really sure how my experience here would have been without this church and these people. I have learned so much from them and they have been the biggest encouragement to my as I continue my faith journey.

As this week goes on, I am just going to be busy studying for my last exam on Thursday, then next weekend is getting ready to go to the caravan and shopping in Belfast! Can’t wait!

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