Kate: Represent the Homeland: Bank-o-mat

June 20, 2009

Our days in Rome seem to be flying by. Every day is filled with a gelato treat, learning and laughter.  Our apartment gets along very well and we are generally always together—yet we are not sick of one another. They somehow managed to make a great pairing. If we do not go out to dinner as a group we make dinner together and enjoy watching the sun set on Rome.

Our classes have been going quite well, that’s right, all five of us are in the same classes. We are all enjoying Made in Italy, a marketing course, and are all not enjoying Culture and Identity in Modern Italy. Our first presentation for marketing was from the head of marketing in Asia for Feragammo shoes. We are sure the speaker was giving the presentation solely to me, this could be because I was the most excited. We also found out we are going to be able to attend Rome Fashion Week for class. This is basically a dream come true for me. I love getting up early on Tuesday and Thursday to get to class!

Our other class is not going as well. We are not really sure what our professor is trying to teach us mainly because we don’t think he knows what he wants to teach us. Lately we have been learning about crops and geography. It is an interesting course, that is for sure. He also picks one person per day to ask all his questions to. Wednesday was Sara, Thursday was me. We’ll see who Monday is.

Today we took our first day trip and went to Orvieto. Our tour guide’s name was Inga and she was very excited about the ruins and panels in the churches. The Cathedral in Orvieto has a chapel dedicated to the judgement day and includes a Fresco of the Antichrist. It is very interesting. Other than that she made us walk in the pouring rain and walk through ruins where families used to raise pigeons.

Our lunch break in Orvieto was probably the most drama filled lunch of the trip. Eight of us were sitting in the back of a restaurant when about 12 Italian men walked in.  They sat down at the surrounding tables and started talking loudly and taking many pictures. Turns out, thanks to Micah’s amazing watchfulness, the men were taking pictures of all the girls. During lunch they even slipped a business card into Sara’s purse that said ” You are very beautiful” and left their phone numbers and drew a heart. Apparently the men had been done for 20+minutes and only left once we left.  Unfortunately I had to go back in to the restaurant to grab my scarf and enjoyed an applause by the men. I did not like it.  Afterwards we all bought chocolate.

Tonight was homemade pizza with fresh mozzerella and it turned out quite well regardless of the lack of King Arthur Flour.  I think for me to move to Europe I would need a regular supplier of King Arthur Flour and Penzy’s Spices. Blame that on my mother, she raised me this way.

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