Erica: Los Llanos 4

June 27, 2009

This was the utterly breathtaking midsummer sunrise that I woke up to. I needed to go to the bathroom, and stepped outside to this magnificence.  There was also a chorus of birds and frogs to welcome the day. This was the only sunrise I’ve been awake to see here, and definitely the most amazing one of my life thus far.

n1597560085_30223988_7418462And here we are on the river tour, this fancy beetle decided to have a little visit on my shoe.

n1597560085_30224009_3178130Owl that we saw on one of the jeep tours.  I was surprised it was out that early.

n1597560085_30223982_618775Here we can see the frog that our guide found and decided to put on my back.  It was a good little friend.

n1597560085_30223934_3565539We saw some howler monkeys too. Pretty neat to see their arboreal acrobatics in the wild.n1597560085_30223921_6471076

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