Alyssa: Five Days Left in London

June 30, 2009

Only 5 days left…it’s all gone by so quickly and it has been an incredible experience. I’ve seen and learned so much about British history, design, and the culture itself. I still have quite a few places I want to see and could use another week or two but I only have 5 days left!

Anyway, enough about that. I’m working on my thank you card for my internship site. They have been great. I haven’t really learned much in the technical field of design, but have learned an immense amount international design and British culture. I really don’t want to leave this experience. I feel like I’m just getting into it. The projects they are working on are amazing. Huge clients—Harrods! It’s just great and the atmosphere in the design space is positive and you can really feel they love what they are doing. They are all really intelligent too. Really intellectual conversations about foreign affairs and the British economy and government happen daily. I usually listen quietly and nod along, pretty much just absorbing what they are saying.

I hope I have helped out with the work I’ve been doing and have added to their productivity a bit. I also really appreciate them taking a chance on me. I was the first CAPA intern they have taken on and I hope I have lived up to their expectations.

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