Kate: I got rocked by the Mediterranean

July 17, 2009

dsc01403On the 9th and 10th we went to Ascea which is in Southern Italy. It is about an hour south of Naples. We went with our marketing professor, Fabiana. We went to Ascea with the intent of seeing her company, Combust, but instead ended up spending the entire time at the beach club opened last year by her associate Gianni. I am quite alright with the decision made because the Mediterranean trumps pretty much everything else on a sunny day.

We arrived in Ascea and then watched the sun set. It was gorgeous, but no there was no green flash like in the Caymans. After resting at the hotel until 11 p.m. we went back and had dinner at the club. The head chef sang to us and we enjoyed watching the stars while on the beach. We had coffee before bed, I don’t really understand why they do that either, never fear. Sara was concerned that she wouldn’t like the coffee so the waiter brought over the largest cup of coffee he could find. The majority of the workers stopped over at some point and laughed because of the huge mug sitting in front of Sara.

dsc03894The next day we were greeted with a specialty coffee Gianni has made for the beach club. We laid in the sun for the entire day. Clare experienced the ocean for the very first time in her life and it took a little while but she eventually beat the waves. The trick is not to jump into the wave because you will lose. Once everyone left the beach we went back in the water to discover the tide was coming in. I was knocked over by a wave, regained my balance and then was knocked over again. I look like Cousin It from Adams Family. I wasn’t too concerned thinking it was just the three of us on the beach, little did I know some Italian men had just gotten to the beach and found the whole situation pretty entertaining. So moral of the day: do not challenge the waves, you will lose.

In the words of Clare, “I got rocked by the Mediterranean.”

Back in Rome we refused to move because we were just too tired.

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