Anna: Things I’ve learned about BsAs

July 21, 2009
  • The annual rainfall here is something like 4 inches. I think today we got at LEAST that much and this kind of rain does not make porteños or their gutter systems or roofs very happy.
  • Usually the rain is much more of a mist.
  • During a downpour, roofs in even nice building leak.
  • People eat eggs on almost everything… on sandwiches, hard-boiled on pizza, hard-boiled inside pastries, etc. but never for breakfast.
  • Breakfast here consists of coffee or tea and toast, crackers, or these sweet croissants called medialunas that are to die for.
  • There are several Jewish temples, but keeping kosher here must be quite a challenge since meat and cheese (usually together) are huge staples of the diet. Also…
  • Beef may be a strong part of the economy and the pride of Argentina, but ham is their other favorite meat. There are several different varieties of ham flavored snack crackers available at every snack stand and every restaurant has several options of ham-based meals. Bacon is also popular although it’s not crispy and resembles ham more than American bacon.
  • People do not clean up after their dogs here, and there are a lot of them, which means you really need to watch your step.
  • There are TONS of pigeons here, one of which almost pooped on me further lowering them in my opinion. I have grown to loathe pigeons.
  • There are very few controlled intersections so driving and walking is always an adventure.
  • In the intersections that are controlled, they give a yellow light warning when it changes from green to red, but also when it turns from red to green letting people know to get ready to GO and FAST.

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