Kate: Ciao, Roma

July 25, 2009

On Wednesday we did our Made in Italy presentations and then took our final. We were so thankful to be done! Wednesday evening was spent out for our group dinner and I was lucky enough to sit at the end of the table with Tim Gunn. He told us about one of the small Italian villages he lived in when he first moved Italy. He talked about how Italians will never decorate the outside of their houses because they want the glory all to themselves and will decorate the inside. When he moved to this town he bought a small house with a pathway to the church. He remodeled the house and bought all new furniture, and kept one wall exposed with the beautiful 15th century stone it was made from. Anyway when people would visit his house they would say things like “Are you going to finish this wall?” and “Do you like this furniture?” to which Tim Gunn said, “no, I just bought the furniture for the hell of it, yes I liked the furniture!” So then he told us about he purchased an olive tree for the Piazza in which there was a fountain that hadn’t had water running in it for over 30 years. He said old people used to sit on the stone wall and stare at each other because the fountain was so ugly they didn’t look at it. After he had the Piazza cleaned up all the townspeople said it was their idea and had told the mayor years ago to re-landscape it. Needless to say, dinner with Tim Gunn was fabulous.

After dinner the roommates stopped at the Trevi fountain to throw a coin in. We took pictures and enjoyed watching all the interesting people there. Clare and I are pretty sure some Spanish woman took of a video of the two of us talking to one another because she had the camera pointed directly at my face. That will make for an interesting vacation video.

On Thursday we took the train down to Ascea. Micah and I played gin. I lost. I have decided Micah is not a person I want to play gin with for a while. In Ascea we met up with the rest of the group, who all took earlier trains and yet our apartment beat everyone to the beach-that’s right, we have mad skill. We frolicked in the water and then went to the residence to get ready for the night. We discovered we had no hairdryer and 9 girls with very wet hair. Also the power kept going out. We would be trying to put on makeup or do someone’s hair and suddenly there would be no power. Our entire group improvised, but Micah was the winner. Not only did he go on a trip with 9 girls but he also showered and got read, sans contacts, in 4 minutes. I timed him.

The Fashion show in Ascea was super fun. I really liked the designers and was impressed by their talent. These students were between the ages of 19-24, it was very impressive. After the show Gianni turned on Salsa music and we all danced on the beach under the stars. As a group we ran through the water and enjoyed our last night together. We hung out with the models who were very excited to hear we had facebook. On the way home all 10 of us piled in the back of Gianni’s truck, as in the truck bed, and drove back to the hotel. The night had a warm wind and the stars were shining as we rode under a clear midnight sky. It was the perfect ending to our trip.

Friday was spent in the sunshine and saying goodbye to Fabiana, which could be the most difficult thing I have done on this trip. We took the train back to Rome, and had our own couchette. After losing another game of gin to Micah we discovered we could make our couchette into one large bed. It was really fun until some random guy decided to come sit in our couchette. At home we have been cleaning and packing. I sit writing this blog on my bed as the floors dry. We leave for the airport in a few hours and then are off to London. The group flight left a few hours ago and the rest of us are all off going our separate ways.

So from my European adventures what do I recommend? What do I wish I would have done differently


  1. Ascea and La Poseidonia beach club
  2. Castello Banfi and Florence
  3. The Frigidarium near Piazza Nuvono in Rome
  4. Salzburg
  5. Prague, and climb up the Astronomical Clock Tower
  6. The Cathedral in Koln
  7. Jersey Boys in London
  8. Trier, Germany. Everything is idyllic
  9. Saint Chapelle in Paris
  10. Our little pizza place next to the Pantheon
  11. Schonbrunn
  12. Versailles

And what would I change?

  1. Italian Regional Trains- just don’t do it.
  2. Frankfurt
  3. Hotel Europa- Frankfurt. Primitive Bathrooms as I believe Clare put it
  4. Living on the 5th floor of an apartment building in Rome with no air conditioning, but it was worth it
  5. the 64 bus at 8:15 in the morning. You will never feel that close to strangers ever again
  6. Culture, Society and Ethics in Modern Italy
  7. The B Line, ok really no metro system is close to The Tube. MIND THE GAP

And that’s all I have for you, but really this trip was everything I could have wished for and more.

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  1. this is bringing me to tears over my lunch hour, just fyi. and it’s 365 days later 😦

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