Say “Chichiribichi” Five Times Fast

August 7, 2009

Had a great time at the beach this weekend. From the beginning:

DSCI0092.JPGThis is the private bus we took to get to the beach. It took about 12 hours (uugghhhh…) because we had to go south then west north/east and finally north because of the mountain and road situation. It was pretty ridiculous.  There were 16 of us on the trip, and 10 of us were americans. The bus blasted salsa, reggaeton and various other musical styles the whole trip. There was even a point where we had an improv limbo session in the aisle. Good fun. Until we wanted to sleep, then it just got annoying.

DSCI0111.JPGSo we come to the original “posada” we were going to stay in. It was brutally warm in here with no breeze, and we did not have running water or electricity. It would have been complete Hell to stay here. I can’t believe the renters provided this utter lack of comforts and still expect us to pay and stay there. 16 people with a toilet that doesn’t flush? No thank you. Luckily our accompanying Venezolanos were able to walk around the area and talk to people so that we could stay somewhere else.

DSCI0121.JPGThis picture was taken just after we left the dock to go to one of the islands. Next to me is another American, Lisa, who is studying in Venezuela for a year. The woman on the right with the amazing smile was the group “mami”. This trip was organized by her and her daughter (who is a young english teacher at VENUSA). Her other daughter of 16 and son of 15 came along too. They’re a great family, and Mami rocked my world with her awesomeness.  She didn’t speak any english, but took great care of us and was always smiling.

DSCI0200.JPGI really like this picture, because it captures the complete beauty of the beach as well as the meager living conditions of most of the people in this area. It’s such a weird contrast, especially when you think of how ridiculously wealthy people are in the U.S. who have ocean-side property.

Great trip, though. I’m really glad I spent the money to make it out there. Only two weekends left in Merida, and I’m not planning on taking any more trips (I feel like I’ve done pretty much everything I came here to do, which is a great feeling.) This weekend I’m going to need to do homework and final projects, and the last weekend I’ll probably just party around the city when I’m not packing up to go. Ah, such adventures!



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