Arianna: the final stretch

October 8, 2009

I have only five weeks left in the semester and it is quite hard to believe time has flew by so quickly. In these remaining weeks, I have over 5,000 words of essays to write, final exams to take, as well as a whole website to design. A part of me is having a mini spazz attack at all I have to complete, but deep down I know I will get it done and it will all work out fine. The hectic schedule will probably benefit me in the long run, as I know the weeks are going to fly past and before I know it I will be stepping off the plane in the Minneapolis airport, trading my flip-flops for my beloved black Uggs (guilty pleasure) and wrapping up in my winter coat. I am so excited to go back to the States, but at the same time, I am enjoying every second of these last few weeks. I may never pass this way again, and I want to make the most of the time I have left with these people that have turned from strangers to friends, with the land that has transformed from foreign to familiar, with the four walls surrounding me that have become home. It really is a strange thing, but I am trying not to waste too much time thinking about it right now and just “being” in it.

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