Adam: Back from Ireland

October 10, 2009

Shockingly it was not hard to get back into this whole school thing after my Irish adventure.

At the beginning of the week we watched Izzat. The film follows the story of Wasim and his journey from a down-and-out Pakistani immigrant in Norway to a down-and-out gansta. It was actually a pretty interesting film.

In fact, the director of the film, Ulrik Imtiaz Rolfsen, came into class to discuss what we thought of the film and its themes. You know, since we’re experts. I found it funny though, because he knew we were watching the film after finding our syllabus online… I’m guessing he must have Google searched himself.

Tuesday we made a visit to the Nordic Black Theatre, which is located next to the beautiful new opera house… On a boat. Actually, it’s a theatre/cafe/bed and breakfast. We met with Artistic Director Cliff Moustache (I hope that is his birth name) and had a great discussion about the theatre. He was quite a compelling talker and really made me miss the Guthrie. (As well as the money I make working there.)

While at my internship Wednesday I was shown an opinion piece  by Editor-in-Chief Majoran Vivekananthan wrote. He talked about how the Norwegian government says it promotes integration, but really only offers immigrants the option to assimilate. Apparently, he’s been in the media and on television. Pretty neat-o.

I was then asked to write my own opinion piece of my experience in Norway, which, not gonna lie, is awesome. I think I’m not sure what I will specifically be writing about, but I hope to incorporate my confusion on Norway’s obsession with hot dogs.

Since Kirby, Sonja and I missed a week of Norwegian, Grandma Astrid, as Sonja lovingly calls her (behind her back, of course), offered to give us a make-up session Friday. As if that wasn’t nice enough, she made an entire cake and brought grapes! Cake and grapes! This woman is unreal.

We head to the Stock and the Cope next weekend for a 10-day trip. Kirby and I plan to see Mamma Mia! while in Copenhagen. This is something that needs to happen!


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