Arianna: One More Month

October 11, 2009

Well folks, I have officially five weeks left of my time in Australia. I can’t quite believe it and can’t even really contain my excitement for coming home. My roommate Melissa and I will both be flying back together Friday, November 13th (I know, don’t even say anything about the freaky date, please). It will be here before we know it.

Today marks the very first “true” rainy day we have ever had here. I woke up to it raining and now at 5:00 pm, it has stopped raining but the clouds are still covering the sky. I am pretty sure this is the first day we have had without the sun, and I have to admit I quite like it. Melissa and I (reluctantly) did our laundry, and I started researching for another one of my essays. It has been nuts trying to prepare for all my final essays and projects – I really have quite a lot on my plate these last few weeks. For Media Law, I have a final essay (either on Defamation or Copyright Law) as well as an exam (yikes), but that has been on the backburner for now. This past week I spent all my hours working on my final essay for Fame & Celebrity. Granted, it was one of the more entertaining papers I have had to write for university, but it was still a hell of a lot of work. For my essay, I chose to examine the ‘celebritisation’ of Scarlett Johansson, and argued how cultural intermediaries have commodified her on the basis of her sexuality and gender.

Now, I am centering my focus on my Sociology of Identity essay. We have a few different directions we can choose to take, and I have decided to examine the body and identity. Basically, I have to argue how the body is one of the principal sites for the construction and production of prevailing social values and norms. Specifically, I am going to argue how the ‘hegemony of thinness’ that exists within our modern society has contributed to body modification and eating disorders as a way of forming personal identity. Research thus far has already been quite interesting, and of course I think this topic will also be quite therapeutic for me to explore. So, even though I have a lot on my plate, at least it all is personally interesting to me. It is just a bit difficult because for most of these classes, my grade is more than 50% based on these essays. That is huge and so they are quite the project to produce. Oh, I also have an entire website to design for my Digital Publishing class, but I honestly can’t even think about that right now.


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