Samantha: the past two weeks

October 25, 2009

The weekend of October 9th I went to a small surf town north of where I live. My “cousin” Sara (she is an exchange student from Michigan and lives in Santiago with my host family’s aunt) and I stayed in a cabin on the ocean!! Friday was beautiful but Saturday was cloudy and cold so we came home to Viña where it was sunny and warm! On Sunday night we went to a Daddy Yankee concert! It was a lot of fun but we were surprised that a lot of families came with their little kids!

On Wednesday October 14th I received the first not passing test grade… of my life! Nico explained to me that I “Shouldn’t worry because you’re not in the red zone so that means you can still pass the class.” Haha GREAT! But these things too shall pass and in my defense I am learning a lot from this class and would have passed the test if it was in English because I knew the material!

The weekend of October 16th I went to an art museum. It was small but had a lot of really interesting paintings. Many were from the 1800s and there were only a small number of modern paintings. On Monday October 18th my friend from home’s sister was in Viña so I showed her around and we ended the day watching a beautiful sunset in Reñaca. 

During this past week my friend Jessica’s family from the US was visiting her here in Chile. It was awesome to see their reaction to how she lives here. They are from Wisconsin too and her dad has the same sense of humor that my dad has, and that almost no one in Chile has!

Yesterday I went to a National Park called La Campana. We hiked for more than 10K up a “hill” which in the States would be considered a mountain! Although I am very sore today it was worth it because the views were breathtaking and it was amazing to spend time in the peace and quiet of nature.

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