Claire: Last day in Dakar

October 28, 2009

So today is my final day in Dakar.  I ran some errands, did what was left of my laundry and went to the school. Can’t tell you much about my errands, except that i bought some really cool PRESENTS there. I leave tomorrow for the village of Tattaguine and recently found out that there is no internet there, not even a cyber cafe. The closest one is about a 15 min bus ride away, so i will try to hoof it there at least once every weekend to post.

Needless to say, I am pretty nervous. Well, make that extremely nervous. My mom keeps telling me, though, that if I don’t like it or if my Tattaguine family is mean she will march straight there and give them a piece of her mind. I’m going to miss my family so so much. It’s comforting to feel like i already have a family in the country; I feel nothing like the fear I had before I met my first family when I just arrived here. I’m still scared, however, that they wont speak much French and that we won’t be able to build a relationship because I don’t speak much Wolof at all. I’m also scared because there almost certainly will be no shower and no toilet—just a hole in the ground.

I’ll also miss being able to get on the internet and keep up with the rest of the world at least once a day. I’ll definitely miss keeping up with glee, 30 rock and the office.

Most of all I’ll miss having all my friends around. Everythings about half as scary when you go through it with another person; every traumatizing experience becomes laughable with a friend. I’m going to have to buy A LOT of credits.

The bright side is that the village should be a breath of fresh air, literally. Dakar has lots of cosmopolitan things to offer, but it’s full to the brim of smog and dust and garbage—literally big piles of garbage everywhere. its…lets see how to put this…not the BEST smelling place I’ve ever been.

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