Adam: The Stock and The Cope

November 6, 2009

It was goodbye to The Os and hello to The Stock and The Cope. Evidently, in addition to a vast knowledge of Scandinavian culture, I have become a pro at abbreviating everything.

This visit was a field trip that was a part of class, but let’s be real, it was a vacation. I mean, we had reading to do and places to visit, but it was a nice departure from the… excitement of normal classes.

The adventure began early Saturday morning when we boarded a six-hour train ride to Stockholm. After arriving we went directly to our hostel, which was located in a great part of the city. We were all hungry and quickly indulged in true Swedish cuisine: Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Later that night, we paid a visit to the Absolut Ice Bar. Since the entire bar is made of ice we had to put specially made ponchos before entering. Inside, we enjoyed specialty cocktails in glasses, also made of ice. It could not have been more of a tourist spot, but it was totally worth it.

As I said earlier, our hostel was in a great location. It was close to a number of places we visited, but the best part was the breakfast in the morning. Shock! It was a typical Swedish spread: Bread, cheese, meats, etc. After wolfing down as much as possible, we would all make another sandwich and pack it away for lunch. Not super classy, but that’s the way we roll in SUST. And considering how expensive Scandinavia is, I had nothing but pride when wrapping my daily salami, cheese and cucumber sandwich in a paper napkin. Delish.

Other highlights included a visit to the Stockholm City Hall (we were able to get an idea of what it would be like to attend the Nobel Prize dinner. Though, only the losers in literature and science are in The Stock, while President Obama will be in Oslo), The Nordic Museum (even though we were all ready to PTFO) and the United States Embassy.

The girls did not care for Public Affairs Officer Ryan Koch, because they thought he was, “A tool bag.” I, on the other hand, enjoyed what he had to say about working for the State Department as well as the praise he had for Secretary Clinton. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s the only reason he was ok in my book… Well, that and the free pens.

Wednesday morning we boarded another six-hour train to Copenhagen. There’s a bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark and along the way is Denmark’s impressive windtower… field?

We didn’t waste any time and quickly set off for the Danish National Gallery. The gallery was large and had many impressive works of art, however most of Sonja and my time was spent pretending to be Jedi Masters in front of the automatic sliding doors. I wish I could say I’ve become super worldy on this trip, but this sort of confirms the opposite, huh?

Highlights of The Cope included stops at the University of Copenhagen’s Eskimology and Arctic Studies department (yes, a very practical major), Nordic Council of Ministers (one of the best offerings of food at any field seminar), Christiana (the self-proclaimed “not a part of Copenhagen” town that is infamous for its hash) and the Danish Parliament.

It was interesting to hear about Danish politics, specifically how Denmark was a huge supporter of President Bush’s policies. Socialist People’s Party Secretary Lars Brandstrup said they were “the US’ appendix.” Who knew? Also, Brandstrup was very blunt about their attrocious immigration policies as well as their generaous foreign aid being a way to keep immigrants out. What a mess.

We left the crazy partying to Sonja and Erika who raged it at the Basement Jaxx concert our final night while Lexi, Becky and I saw Julie and Julia. Oh boy, Meryl Streep can do no wrong.

Our final night turned out to be when daylight savings time occured, so many of us ended up getting up an hour early, which after our long trip was… just lovely. It was also a very rainy day, so it turned out to be a good travel day. And minus the bus transfer and Burger King chicken sandwich that did not agree with me, it was a great trip back to the merry old land of Os.

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