Claire: ndank ndank

November 8, 2009

well here i am on weekend number TWO and happy to report i am doing much better.

i dont have much time to blog, im at a hotel in Joal, a touristy and pretty town on the beach, visiting my friend emma for her birthday. theres a computer i can use but its 1:15 am here so i have to be quick.

this past week has been nothing but a continuation of the rollar coaster but i, at last thank the lord in heaven, am starting to feel more comfortable here. i even starting feeling really glad to be here and let me tell you, the first thought i had was What a freakin relief!

this past week i worked and came home from work like clockwork and then proceeded each day to stand around and ask over and over if i could help with something. its gotten better gradually, as i learn how to do more to help, WHAT i can do to help and when i can just go relax and stop stressing. i wouldnt say im at all stress free at home but i feel like im slowly integrating into the daily life more and more.

i got a major help from the most unusual of places: my SECOND mom came home. thats right, my dad has two wives; one who i live with in tattaguine and one in thies where, i guess, he spends most of his time. this past monday she came down to tattaguine to accompany him to thies. well this made my mom so much happier, when hes here he just bosses her around the entire time. im starting to think she may even like me, she called me here daughter the other day and my heart just SWELLED with joy.

work is pretty boring, but that could be worse. altho it feels like im just working at a bank i imagine that im actually learning more about the interworkings of microfinance than im aware of right now.

what else…

well today i saw the biggest baobob tree in senegal, and possibly in africa. it was 32 metres in circumfrance and 850 yrs old. it was the size of a house, we actually climbed inside!

well i better be off to bed; ill try to blog again before i leave.


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