Adam: Meanwhile, in Oslo

November 14, 2009

My lips are super chapped, which only means one thing: Winter weather is here. But, this year I’m actually prepared with my lip balm and hat and gloves. My mother would be so proud.

As I’ve mentioned before, I finished my last paper a few weeks ago and only have a couple readings to do before the semester ends. Looking back, we really have learned just about everything there is to know about Oslo. In fact, we’ve so wrapped up in Oslo’s business, it would probably file a restraining order if we were not leaving soon.

Also, even though it was a lot of work, my Norwegian course was absolutely worth taking. Not because I can now lightly converse with Norwegians, but because of Astrid. She’s one of those teachers that makes it clear that she loves what she does, ya know?

Tuesday night she gave Kirby, Sonja and me another private lesson that again included cake and fruit. It makes it a lot easier to study Norwegian for two hours straight when cake is involved. We only have a few more classes left until our final exam, which spans Monday and Tuesday. Blurg.

I had the final day of my internship at Utrop Wednesday. We unofficially celebrated my time there by eating fish burgers (or at least that’s what the package said). Super classy and magically delicious. I was informed that my story about Norwegian language courses made the front page of the current issue. Super neat-o! I plan on getting a stack of copies. I’m lucky President Obama’s visit is a couple weeks away, otherwise I probably would have been bumped.

We make another visit to Parliament tomorrow to meet with a member of the Progressive Party, which brings in young voters through pledges of lowering alcohol tax. Yeah, this is the situation.

This weekend is an excursion to Tromsø, which is located in Northern Norway. Sadly, it has not snowed enough or at all really, so we will not be dog sledding as originally planned. However, we still plan on staying in a tent and trying to see the Northern Lights. I guess they said we could walk the dogs if we’d like. I miss my Rosie, so that will probably happen.


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