Samantha: Time flies…

November 17, 2009

So I have neglected to blog in a very very long time!!! Wow. Exciting things that have happened… Halloween was very low key here. Mom sent me a box that I got the day before Halloween that had cupcake decorations! Good timing! I made cupcakes and frosting from scratch and shared them with my host family, Nico’s family and his friends. Nico’s band played a fundraiser concert at his old high school. They did a really good job and my two gringa friends that went with thought they were good as well! On Halloween there were a few trick-or-treaters but not nearly as many as there are in the States. Nico and I went to a fundraiser for my host brother and sisters scout group (like boy scouts but for both genders). We played BINGO and didn’t win at all! Then we went to his friend Pia’s birthday party which was very low key.

I took a weekend vacation to Mendoza, Argentina. I caught up on my sleep trying to get through customs because we waited for four hours!! Once we got there our hostel was very beautiful. On Saturday Jess, Heidi and I toured two vineyards, and olive oil factory, a winery museum, and a chocolate shop! It was the perfect day with sun and chocolate!!

I have been going to the beach almost three times a week! My host family says that I am taking advantage of it while I can! My classes are wrapping up. I had a final today and have two finals next week, a presentation and a paper to do!!! Busy Busy!

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