Adam: Goodbye Norway. Tusen takk.

November 26, 2009

After I returned from Tromsø, the countdown was on. Home was just around the corner. The last week of my semester abroad was fast and random.

Our last few day of classes really focused on wrapping up our Norwegian experience and included a visit to the US Embassy. Much like our visit to the Embassy in Stockholm, our speaker was very rah-rah America. He was also very blunt about Norwegians being a bit too idealistic and naive when it comes to international politics. Snap!

Tuesday was an early morning as we had our Norwegian final to do. It was not too difficult, but after a semester of writing papers, it was odd to just fill in the blank. Later that afternoon, we had our oral exam. Astrid came a little early and brought us a marzipan cake and coffee, because she had to reinforce that she is the world’s best Norwegian teacher.

My last two days were spent at a cabin, which required a two-hour hike to get to. My fave. The stay was a part of class and was meant to be a way for all of us to say goodbye. Instead, it ended up being a really relaxing night that didn’t really include any closure. It did include an intense dance party that consisted of Sonja and I dancing and sweating. A lot.

I actually didn’t feel like I needed closure, since it didn’t feel like I was saying goodbye. Sonja and I plan on seeing each other a lot since we both go to the U. And I enjoy Erika and Kirby’s company enough that I would be more than happy to road trip down to Ohio or Massachusetts to pay them a visit. Also, it’s only matter of time before Lisa and Charlotte come over from Germany and embark on a journey through the States, including Missouri.

My journey home was a long one, but my excitement made it relatively enjoyable. My eight-hour flight from Oslo to Newark was full of movies and sleeping. Going through customs wasn’t nearly as scary as I had originally imagined. And the ghetto little plane I took from Jersey to Minneapolis didn’t blow up or rattle itself a part. I ended up making it home in one piece!

It’s hard for me to believe I did so much in the last semester. I learned a lot about Norway, travelled all over and experienced some amazing things! I mean, I lived it, but I can’t believe that was my life for three and half months.

Now that I’m home, I plan to enjoy my two months off and to see all the people I have missed. My adventure doesn’t stop, it continues. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to go abroad and have such an amazing time!

Tusen takk, Norway. You were great! Ha det bra!


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