Veronica: Plane Ticket

December 9, 2009

Thinking about how you want to arrive in France is kind of big, though not quite as important as some other things you have to consider. You can either fly on your own or take the group flight.

The group flight is nice. You can fly with people in your program so you aren’t so alone. It’s coordinated, so you get picked up at the airport. It’s a good little support group and way to make friends before you arrive.

I’m flying alone. I found a ticket that cost half as much as the group flight. My ticket is also flexible, unlike the group flight. If you want to travel after the program is over, the group flight probably is not a good idea. I know people who booked their flights separately but on the same ones as the group flight. Cheaper.

It’s up to you. I wanted to go to France a week early before the program starts, so that’s what I’m doing. I may stay longer. I can change my ticket. The group flight is a committment. It all depends on how much independence you want in your travelling. Both are good options. Keep in mind the cost. If you want to travel lots when you’re abroad, you might want to spend less on your round-trip ticket. Unless you’re filthy rich, it’s something you should take into account.

The most important thing for you to know, no matter what you choose to do, is that your ticket MUST be round-trip in order to be granted a visa. You cannot only buy one way and then buy your return ticket later. I made this mistake (before doing my visa) and the travel company I used told me this.

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