Veronica: Academic Planning

December 14, 2009

One thing that might be hard to remember about study abroad is the study part. We still have to go to school. Basically same old life, just in a new place. So the academic planning portion of getting ready is kind of a big deal. On the Learning Abroad Center website there are lists of all the classes offered and that have been offered recently so you can look through them and see what seems interesting. When you confirm your place you have to indicate a few areas of interest. This is really just what subjects/disciplines you would want to study while abroad.

Later on you have to do the Academic Planning Form. This is when you look through the requirements of the program, and your majors/minors to see what you will have to fulfill with your classes abroad. From that, you look through that big list I just told you about and indicate classes you want to register for. You then have to get the courses approved by your major/minor/college advisors. All of the advisors. Now, here’s the thing. We don’t get to register until we get there. So I, and everyone else, might not get the classes we indicated on the form. If that happens, I suppose we just have to pick our runner-up classes we got approved, or register for other classes and email info to the advisors and ask if they will count. It seems to me to be very up in the air, which scares me a little because I’m crazy about registration and my schedule. But a lot of people I’ve talked to about study abroad never said they had problems with classes counting. So it must be okay.

This part of the process goes pretty quickly, and everyone (at least my advisors) takes it very casually, but since you’re going abroad to go to school, this really is important. Just take it as seriously as you do when planning registration at your regular university.

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