Trystan: A hammer and a chopstick

January 8, 2010

This is a beautiful church right on campus (and near where I stayed last night)

So I finally got into Fantoft, the student hostel where I’ll be staying. The way they set up the rooms is interesting – private room/bathroom, with communal (7ish people) kitchen. I’ve met two of my hallmates, both from Australia, and a bunch of other people from various floors as well at a pancake dinner, haha. Half of them are leaving in a month anyway (doing a month-long program), but hopefully I’ll meet other people as well.

Also of note: On my first day in my new room, I managed to lock myself out. I felt like a complete freshman. I was about ready to call the janitors who could let me in (and charge me 300 blasted kroner) when Donna came up with a solution. Apparently all I needed to break in to my room was a hammer and a chopstick. We managed to pop out the pins and little bolt things from the hinges and just yank the door open. Yay for ingenuity and craftiness (apparently the guy across the hall had explained it – also, I noticed afterwards that almost every door had the same marks on it. Clearly this is not uncommon).

I’m officially registered, but have yet to look at or think about my schedule.


This is the view of the street in front of it. Amazing. Every street in Bergen ends like this.


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