Marisa: Espresso, Maps, Planes & Pigeons

January 14, 2010

I am in Spain. What can I say? Well, the lady with the drink cart passed me TWICE and forgot about me on the flight here. I was beyond irritated. I have only felt lonely a couple of times which makes me so glad that my guitar is with me—he is like my little buddy. And he almost got smooshed by a couple of bags which would have devastated me but thankfully he made it out alive.

At the gate in Philly, a lady asked me if I spoke Spanish and I said “un poquito” which I guess to her meant “I am completely fluent” even though it actually means “a little” (actually, according to Google translate it means a “wee bit”) and she talked to me the whole time and asked me to translate stuff.

When I first got out of the airport I got so excited—everything smelled amazing and looked beautiful and I couldn’t wait to start a new chapter of my life. But then on the bus ride to Toledo everything was covered in graffiti, and the bus radio station only played American music, and even though all the buildings were in Spanish so are the ones in L.A. so it was just like being in California.

But then as we got closer and closer to Toledo I felt better because it really is like taking a step back in time (more like about 80,000 steps back in time, but you get the point). It’s pretty here. I just wish there was more grass.

Here is a comment about something that baffles me about Toledo. A ton of people here have dogs (a lot of cute dogs, I might add) but there is no grass. So, where do they do that thing that dogs do? Maybe they are toilet trained. Man, if I have not mentioned it already, I really miss grass. Everyone reading this who has a readily available grass patch should go lay in it for me.

I decided to embark upon the city this afternoon. I went in a random store to get an espresso and the guy was sort of nice but kind of mockingly so. Then I went into another store to get marzipan. I bought it but was still feeling down as I left and the guy working there could clearly tell I was having a rough time so he offered me a coffee and I drank it and we talked and he was very understanding of my poor Spanish skills and he gave me directions because I was terribly lost and he showed me pictures of he and his wife’s trip to Prague. Then he told me that the coffee was on the house. On a possibly unrelated note, he looked exactly like James Garner. Or maybe it is a related note and it just means that people who look like James Garner are automatically nice.

While trying to make my way back, I paused in front of the cathedral. They really don’t make buildings like that anymore, but they really should. There were tons of pigeons hanging out with the angels that adorn the front of the cathedral, and as I watched them I thought that if I were a bird, I would spend my time there too because unlike humans I would not be blocked off from the front of it. Plus I would be able to fly. Actually, I thought that in Spanish. “Si yo fuera un pajaro, pasaria mi tiempo a la catedral”.

Then as I got lost again on my way back I realized I had been holding the map the wrong way.


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