Trystan: A random week

January 14, 2010

IMG_3784The last couple days have been filled with random activities, mostly. I generally haven’t had anything planned, but I end up being busy most of the day anyway. Last night there was an International Dinner on the 15th floor – everyone brought something from their own country. Now. America, whether you want to believe it or not, pretty much stole food from all over the world. When I asked people what American food was to them, a pretty consistent answer was “Uh… hotdogs?” Sad day.

But I did make deviled eggs (it was either that or apple pie, and apples are kinda expensive). I don’t have any pictures, but NOBODY had heard of them! And they turned out really well. It was so cool to try all these different foods, too, and to know that each person had probably had this “exotic” dish dozens of times.

IMG_3789Today I went downtown with Sam and got our resident permits, and wandered around a bit (we also went to Fretex, which is like Goodwill). After that we visited a church right next to Fantoft. It’s a beautiful wooden church. The original was built in the 12th century, but I guess a lot of “Black Metal” groups have burnt quite a few down. Really sad. I mean, I honestly don’t care what religion you are(n’t). But amazing historical sites? C’mon. At any rate, this was an exact replica that was rebuilt something like 20 years ago, I think…

Tomorrow, I think I’ll hike up Mt. Fløyen


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