Heather: Arrival in Kenya!

January 22, 2010

Our flight landed on time into Nairobi, about 8:15pm. We all got off the plane and met each other in the airport and headed to Customs. Everyone got through and then went to get our luggage. Luckily everyone’s got to Kenya safe and sound. Simon was outside the airport waiting for us.  We loaded into our bus for the week and headed to the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya hostel for the night. We had tea when we got there and then crawled into bed.  The next morning we were up at 5:30am to eat breakfast and head into Nairobi to go to the Immigration department. We got our Kenya residency figured out and finally got a chance to go to an Internet café to email home. It was SO SLOW!

After lunch in Nairobi we all loaded onto our bus and started the trek to Lake Nakuru National Park. Long drive! Along the way we passed the Great Rift Valley, which was gorgeous. We also had some troubles because a car apparently went off the road and hit the telephone pole and knocked it over. So the lines were hanging down much lower than they should be. We couldn’t pass underneath because our luggage was on top the van and it would have hit. We finally made it through when a semi went through at the same time we did. Crazy stuff.


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