Heather: Lake Nakuru National Park

January 22, 2010

We finally arrived! We got out to stretch our legs, and right away there were baboons coming right up to the bus. One little guy even climbed up the ladder, got into someone’s luggage and grabbed a muffin! There was a ton of them everywhere. We then got our access into the park, and started driving to our hostel. Along the way we saw more baboons, zebras, gazelles, and….two lions!! A male and female were just laying alongside the road so we stopped to get pictures and check them out . Then they got up, walked across the road and hung out in the brush for awhile. AWESOME!

Apparently Nakuru is a very popular national park. It brings in more revenue than other parks like Masai Mara and Amboseli, but has less visitors. The actual lake is 44 sq. km, and our guide said that at any one point in time, there can be 1.5 million flamingos on it. Even though it’s only 3 m deep right now, the highest it’s been measured is 4.3 m. This park is gorgeous; the pictures I will post don’t do justice compared to what it’s actually like.

We have been doing orientation stuff for the past two days, and the days are so long. We don’t get a lot of breaks, except for tea. Because, according to the Kenyans, “Every time is tea time.” And it’s actually not too bad. We’ve just been getting to know each other a little more, and everyone is great.  I always thought I traveled a lot growing up, but there are some people here that I can’t even compare to. It’s really neat to listen to everyone’s stories about why they decided to come to Kenya to study.

Today we did more orientation stuff, and then went on a safari. We saw a TON of stuff! Zebras, gazelles, hyenas, cape buffalo, water buffalo,, rhinos and their babies, baboons and their babies, flamingos, these weird duck things, more birds, a turkey/peacock hybrid looking thing, and more deer.


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