Daniel: I have arrived

January 23, 2010

So I haven’t actually taken any digital pictures yet, but I suppose I’ve only been here for 20 hours or so. But what a 20 hours it’s been. Last night after taking the most insane taxi ride of my life through the heart of Cuernavaca, I arrived at La Casa Mexicana, a quaint little hostel where I met a family and some locals that greeted me with much hospitality.

I ate at an outdoor restaurant just below the hostel and chatted with Jorge Sr., Jorge Jr. (two members of the family), Victor, and Igor(?) (two of the chefs) for about 5 or 6 hours. We talked about everything, life, Mexico, the US, politics, studies, cerveza, art, everything. I even had the chance to try cow brain with salsa verde wrapped in a flour tortilla. Surprisingly delicious with an indescribable texture.

It was the best way this trip could’ve started. I got the phone numbers of everyone in the family who told me to call them if I ever needed anything at all including a place to stay, and I may have a job photographing a hospital that Jorge Sr. (who is an architect) is designing near Mexico City. Typing in English already seems odd, I’ve spoke nothing but Spanish since arriving and am loving it. Well I should be off to the Cemanahuac where I’ll meet my host family and have a short orientation. Hasta Luego, I’ll return with pictures.


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