Daniel: Domingo

January 24, 2010

It’s Sunday, and a beautiful Sunday at that. I haven’t seen a cloud since I was in Texas which seems more or less appropriate. I met up with my host family yesterday as well, they are all simply amazing. I’m living with a single mother who apparently owns her own business, though I’m not sure exactly what that is just yet. Her daughter picked me up from Cemanahuac yesterday and I actually didn’t get a chance to meet my host mother until about midnight last night. I did however, get a chance to have dinner with my abuelita who is simply hilarious. I ate some of a chicken soup type dish last night with lime, avocado, onion, and some other vegetable I’ve seen twice now but have no idea what it is exactly. It was insanely good.

Dinner was also served with some type of chili-chip-thing that was basically a Frito equivalent, and I made the mistake of putting it directly in my soupish dish before trying to cut it and eat it. After watching me struggle for about 3 minutes with this particular crunchy piece of deliciousness, my abuelita attempted to fish it out. My confusion made her laugh so hard she cried, definitely the highlight of my night.

Today I had another short orientation and filled out a survey at the school for study abroad students, which was a bit lame. Afterwards however, the other two participants and I went to el zacalo and las plazas downtown to look around. We also stopped at a restaurant for a drink, and two very insistent men (Jesus y Alejandro, I think) in what looked to be their 40’s bought me a shot of very strong tequila. It was exactly how I just described it, and a bit inebriating after having just one other beer.

I have no complaints about anything so far, this place is beautiful, the people are awesome, and my host family is exactly what I was hoping for and more. Hasta luego, I’m off to the school to run a bit and go for a swim. More photos to come.


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