Heather: more orientation & internship!

January 24, 2010

We did more orientation stuff today. But it was kind of interesting stuff, like how to recognize a potential mugger on the matatus. Or how people will dress and what they will say to you when they are about mug you.

Oh, today I found out what my internship is going to be! I am going to be at Bamburi Quarry Nature Park (also called Haller Park) just outside of Mombasa on the coast. I guess it’s an animal refuge where they have a ton of different animals like hippos, giraffes, rhinos, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, fish and a bunch of other things. They said “everything that can’t break down a fence.” Which is weird because I’m pretty sure a rhino could if it wanted to. So they basically said that I will be helping to feed these animals and also help the veterinarians with procedures when needed. Basically shadowing a vet for 6 weeks. I hope it works out to be what it sounds like!

In the afternoon, a couple of us and two of the MSID advisors started a game of soccer. Not really a good idea when you have jeans on. It was hot HOT. But it was a lot of fun. Of course we were rocked by the MSID advisors. We had tea and then went on another safari. This time we went further out in the park and saw more rhinos, baboons, gazelles, water bucks, buffalos (Kayla, they kind of reminded me of Yukon…they looked kind of special when we drove past and were all taking pictures), some Pumbas (Warthogs for all you non-Lion King people), jackals, and…giraffes! I think I must have my dad’s squirrel tail twitch eyes because I noticed them before anyone else. Though they’re not hard to spot. There was 6 or 7 of them, but we couldn’t get a lot of good pictures because it was raining. They were huddling underneath the trees.

Oh, and I have been told today by one of the guys that lives in Georgia that I have a thick Minnesota accent 😦

We went into the Nakuru village today to test out our street skills. It was very interesting. Little kids followed us everywhere and the street vendors tried to sell us everything imaginable. “Best price for you!” And I definitely have to remember to look “right, left, right” or /I will for surely get killed by an oncoming matatu!

We saw a Chui!!! (AKA leopard!!)


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