Veronica: Some practical things

January 24, 2010

So, I registered on Friday. The French registration system is really weird and not at all efficient. I had to meet with one of our advisors and tell him what classes I was interested in, and then we had to do all the scheduling by hand. It was tedious. And I only ended up with one Integrated class because the two I wanted overlapped. I was disappointed at first, but now I’m okay with my choices. I know they will all count towards both majors, they seem interesting, my schedule is light, and, really to be honest, academics is not that big of a priority this semester. I want to see the world. But I start classes tomorrow. I’m a little nervous. Mostly because I feel like the French system is really messy, and they didn’t really tell us what to say to the professors. So…we’ll see how that goes.

The people who work in the program office are so nice, and they are very helpful. They are good support, and it’s nice to know we can go to the office whenever we want.

I can’t tell if the culture shock is wearing off, or if I’m so enamored with this city that I am starry-eyed and can’t feel it. But it’s wonderful here. I know going back to lame old Minnesota is going to be hard.

Here is something you should know. Lots of people are having money problems. Like the ATMs won’t take their card, etc. Mine worked, but Visa called my parents for fraud protection, even though I told the bank twice I was going abroad. So I had to call and international number, and they sucked and were super unhelpful and told me to call the bank, and the bank said to call Visa. So it was awful. My mom ended up getting it straightened out since she’s my power of attorney, but apparently this problem is going to keep coming back. Ridiculous. So be aware of money problems and that they seem to happen a lot because American banks are stupid.

My friends and I are beginning to plan our trips and traveling. I had a super ambitious plan coming here to see every country in Western Europe. But now that I’m here, I can see that it isn’t possible with money and whatnot. And it’s also different to hear what other people want to do. So now I’m going to a lot less places, but so far, what we’ve agreed on doing seems like it will be fun and I’m not all that upset about not going where I orginally planned. So be aware of plans changing too.

Also, make sure you have your converters!


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