Heather: First day of school

January 25, 2010

Sorry I haven’t clarified some of the words I’m using! I will try to from now on.

Tusker=Kenyan Beer (pretty good stuff! And I’m not really a beer person)

Matatu=Sort of like a taxi, but way cheaper. 20bob (shillings) is a normal matatu ride. And that equals about 30cents (~75 shillings/bob=$1). But they are crazy drivers and blast music, but they’re really convenient.

Today was our first day of classes. Even though we didn’t do any class work. Jordan and I met at 8am and started walking to school, and we met a few other students along the way, which was nice. We got to Nazarene University right about 8:30 and we then took a bus (30bob) to the city center. Today was basically meant for learning our way around the city. Well that’s pretty much impossible. It is giGANtic! We took a bus back to school and 10 of us went to grab a Tusker (~120bob) before we headed home. We actually met some previous MSID students from a couple years ago.

Jordan, Kate and I took a matatu back to school and then walked from there. We stopped at Kate’s to check out her home and family along the way. We always try to get back before dark because we have to walk right past Kibera and once it gets dark, it’s really not safe to be outside, especially for us. And I don’t walk by myself because there’s two other students who live near me. But don’t worry! We are safe!


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