Heather: First week of class

January 28, 2010


We started all of our classes on Tuesday, and we’ve had Kiswahili, Country Analysis, and Development so far. Swahili is pretty good; I’m in 3rd semester and it’s going well. Mwalimu (professor) asked me today if I thought he was going too slow because I guess I am doing really well so far. But it’s all pretty much review, and I’m sure it will get harder. The other two classes are just really boring and I struggle to stay awake. Even though our one professor is hilarious and has the coolest accent. Tomorrow we start our class that corresponds to our internship.

My group worked on our presentation on Tuesday after class and then we walked home and stopped at some of our group member’s homes. They are all really nice and have nice families too. I haven’t talked a lot about my family, so I’m sorry. As mentioned, I don’t see my dad a lot because he works. But mama and my sister are home quite a bit so we talk a lot and hang out. My sister is 20 years old and her birthday is in a couple weeks, so we’re really close in age. She is going to take one of my friend’s and I to a market on Saturday to check out some stuff. We get along really well, which is good. I gave them their gifts the other night..a MN mug for mama, a MN notebook for Irene because she’s a student, and a MN baseball hat for my dad. They seemed to like them a lot. The mug was perfect for all of our chai!

We had classes yesterday and then got out at 12:30, so a bunch of us went to Prestige to grab some lunch. Everyone wanted to walk, but we draw a lot of attention to ourselves when we do that, so one of my friends and I decided to take a matatu. Bad idea. All the matatus along Ngong Road are supposed to stay on that road. Well, we must have gotten onto a bus, even though it looked like a matatu because it definitely turned off Ngong Road. We had no idea where we were going so we just stayed on, hoping it would head back to Ngong. Nope. So eventually we decided that we should get off and try to walk the rest of the way. So we get off and are right in the middle of Kibera. Every way we turned there was Kibera around us. So we started walking to find our way out. We weren’t exactly lost, but we definitely did not know where we were going. Eventually we found our way out alive! In all actuality, Kibera isn’t dangerous during the day, it’s only at night. During the day it’s just really gross and dirty and smells terrible.

So we finally got to lunch, then decided to go to Toi Market, but couldn’t find it, so we backtracked for awhile and found a market, but we weren’t sure if it was the right one. Then we took a matatu back to school and walked the rest of the way home. One of my friends came over and we hung out with Irene and watched the Discovery Channel and football. The power went out a couple times, but eventually came back on after awhile.

Today was more school, and then a few of us went down to Junction to grab a bite to eat. We took a matatu for a little ways, and then walked the rest of the way back. Long walk!

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