Heather: WEEKEND!!

January 30, 2010

Yesterday we only had 2 classes, Development and our class that corresponds to our internship. I am taking an environment/ecology class. There’s only 6 of us in it, but it’s actually very interesting. I’m disappointed that we’ll only have it once a week. My professor was telling us about how New York took a ton of their garbage and loaded it onto ships and barges and brought it over to Africa to dump. They dumped it in places all over, mostly on the West Coast, but when they got to Kenya, the government wouldn’t let them dump it there. Very interesting stuff.

So we got out of class at 12:30 and 6 of us went to Stosh’s place to grab some lunch and a drink. He has a very nice apartment and there’s a really cool courtyard that we hung out in. I was planning on going back home to change and get ready to go out, but it would have taken about an hour to get home. So we just stayed there until about 5:30 and we started walking to this Ethiopian restaurant (Sara’s mama is the manager) for dinner. Well we didn’t really know where we were going, and we couldn’t understand what Sara’s mom was saying on the phone. So we were still walking when it got dark out and I just really wanted to get there. Everyone had a really short temper and we couldn’t figure out where to go. We FINALLY got there at 7:30, right when our reservations were and met a few more people there. It was a really neat place, and the food was great! I’ve never eaten Ethiopian food, but I definitely will again!

Today Irene and James (my brother) took a friend and I to the city center to a really big market. It was a very interesting place. It took awhile to get there, and the place was huge! I was really just looking for some skirts because it’s really hot. (It was 24 degrees in Nairobi yesterday, and 32 in Mombasa! I am going to die there!!) So we started looking around and you can’t really stop to look at much because the vendors will swarm you. I had one guy grab my arm as I was walking and he wouldn’t let go. It was a good thing James was there. I was getting called a bunch of names, like Njeri and Shiko; nothing bad, just Kikuyu names. I found 2 skirts that I liked. The one started at 800bob, but I told him 400. He went down a little, but I said I didn’t want to go any higher so I walked away, and of course he said “Ok, ok. We’re friends now, I give to you for 450.” So I figured that was pretty good so I got it. Another one started at 1200bob and there was no way I was paying that, so once again I said 400. He didn’t NOT like that! We argued for a little bit and I walked away and he actually didn’t come after me. We later walked by the same place and he came out and said 600, but I said no and walked away again. He followed me and told me that if I married him, I could have it for 450. Well, I got it for 450, but I did not agree to any marriage! It was a really fun experience, and I’m looking forward to going to more!

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