Heather: Mamba na Mbuni!

February 2, 2010

So I learned how to handwash my clothes, quite the experience! Irene laughed at me because I wasn’t doing it right I guess. But I’ve got it down now. It’s pretty easy, except your back hurts after awhile!

It was one of the guy’s birthdays today, so on Saturday about 20 of us went to Carnivore to celebrate. Carnivore is a really famous restaurant in Nairobi that serves wild game meat. The inside was decorated awesomely. A friend and I shared a half kilo of meat; we got lamb, chicken, pork, mamba (crocidile) and mbuni (ostrich). The ostrich was served meatball style…really good. The crocodile was just served in chunks and it was ok. It tasted really fishy and had a bunch of bones in it. According to one girl, it “tasted like swamp.” Delicious. We hung out there for awhile and a lot of people stayed there to dance. A few of us went to a local Kenyan bar.

Kiersten and I played pool against some Kenyans too. It was Kiersten and a Kenyan on one team and me and a Kenyan on the other team. I made the winning shot of course. So then I had to play against my teammate, and guess who won. I was down by 6 balls and I totally came back and won. We hung out there for awhile, but then a couple drunk guys came up to me and we’re getting way too close for comfort. And then my friend was talking to this girl and this girl’s friend whispered into his ear, ‘If you mess with her, bad things will happen.”  And I saw my friend look at me with a face of terror and I looked back and just said “Yup, we’re outta here.” So we took a taxi home after that. Probably not going back there again.

On Sunday we didn’t go to church because mama yangu wasn’t feeling well. I pretty much did nothing all day. Irene and I made bracelets. She dominated me…she finished 3 before I finished 1. But it was fun making those. Baba came home with some lunch so we had that and then I needed to take a nap because I was so tired. I got a chance to Skype…yay for unlimited internet for the week! I headed over to my friend’s house after that to watch the replay of the Manchester/Arsenal game. We watch so much soccer here, it’s awesome!

Today we had Swahili and Country Analysis. About 10 of the Learning Abroad Center staff from the U of M are here this week so they took us out to lunch. They actually took us to the same Ethiopian restaurant we went to on Saturday. Still good. A few of us then headed out go to Java to meet Sara. Java is basically a Starbucks cafe that we go to when we want some American food. There’s like 7 of them in Nairobi. Sara had to go to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. It ended up just being GI upset, nothing too bad.

So while we were at Java, we were getting up to leave and Stosh couldn’t find his bag. Someone apparently stole it. He had it down by his feet, and they told us to keep our bags where we can see them. There was 5 of us sitting there, including Abdul, one of the Kenyan MSID advisors, and no one saw anything. The only thing he had in it that was worth something was his iPod. We were thinking it was one of the waitresses or something because when we asked her about it, she kept insisting that Stosh didn’t have a bag with him. Well, I think we would know if he had a bag or not. We just have to be extra careful when we’re out so that doesn’t happen. Everything seems to happen to Stosh…he’s 32 years old and has the most problems! He had his bag stolen, had to bribe a cop for not wearing his seatbelt, and had attempted pickpocketing on a matatu. I guess it’s probably a good thing that it’s happening to him and not us!


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