Trystan: Løvstakken and Flunkyball

February 6, 2010

Gah it’s been quite awhile. Sorry folks. I need to get back in the habit of doing this!

Anyway, continuing! That Thursday (which was like, 3 weeks ago now, hah!) Maddie and I hiked Løvstakken. It’s one of the tallest mountains around here, which has two benefits. 1) It’s rather difficult and 2) stunning views. You can literally see 360º up there – mountains into the horizon on the east, ocean into the horizon on the west. Unbelievable. It was also super windy and cold up there.

Lovstakken pano

Please, click that to view in larger in Flickr. Absolutely stunning. It’s about half of what you can see from up there. We actually had to climb up with a rope at one point. How awesome is that!?

So there’s this game that a group of people play here on Thursday nights. It’s called Flunkyball and it’s quite possibly the best drinking game ever. 2 teams of at least 10 people, 40ish feet apart. There’s a liter bottle in the middle, with just a bit of water to weigh it down. One team throws a ball (made of something light, like tape) at the bottle to knock it over. If they do, their whole team drinks till the other team has recovered the ball and uprighted the bottle. Drink as in: chug as fast as you can. Drinking is a reward! Oh Germany.


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