Veronica: Ski Weekend in the Alps

February 7, 2010

The program sponsors a ski weekend in the Alps. I went and it was awesome. It costs 192 Euros–which is SUPER cheap, so you should do it. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never skiied before, lots of people who hadn’t went, me being one of them. It’s really cool to say you learned to ski in the Alps. I took lessons with a bunch of girls and we ended up only paying 6 Euros each, which is a really good deal.

They tell you to take your passport. We brought ours and didn’t need it. I would still take it if I were you and you go, but it’s not neccessary. Also, they said that the hostel didn’t provide blankets..but they provided blankets and no towels (or soap). So you don’t need a sleeping bag, but you should take a towel and soap. I know you’ll take soap to shower and all that, but I mean hand soap. They don’t give you that at the hostel.

Also, the people who took us on our trip, the guides, were really rude. The woman with short black hair is a horrible woman. They are impatient and treat you like you can’t even tie your shoes (which can be a problem if you’ve never skiied). The people who worked at the ski resort were really rude too. It was amazing that they would even dream of being so rude to customers. It would never fly in the States. By the end of the trip we hated all of the people who worked there/with us.

Now, despite all of those bad things I just said, the weekend was great. I can’t believe that there were people who didn’t want to go. It was absolutely gorgeous in the Alps and it’s nice to see snow again in the middle of winter. It was a semblance of normalcy. Being in the mountains with all the fresh air was incredible. Also, if you can’t ski but still want to go to the top of the mountain and see the view (who wouldn’t?) you can ride the ski lift all the way up and down. I did it with some friends, but there were so many people who didn’t do it because they worried too much about it being okay and didn’t bother to ask. All the people going up the mountain looked at us like we were nuts to take the lift down, but you should totally do it. Going up all you can see are the ski runs, but going down you can see all the mountains and trees and little towns nestled on the mountains. Beautiful.

So, basically, GO ON THE TRIP.

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