Emma: “Give it a go”

February 11, 2010

Where do I even begin…besides the fact that Australia is honestly the most beautiful place I have ever been and the moment I stepped off the plane I knew it would be hard to leave. I have been crazy busy the last few days and have had no time to just sit.

I left LA on Feb 6, boarded the plane, which I would be on for the next 14 hours sat back and relaxed. The ride seriously was not bad at all, I slept for a good 8 hours watched a few movies and chatted with the girls next to me. Quantas is the nicest and cutest airline ever. We got offered tea and cocoa all the time, got ham and cheese sandwiches for “morning tea” and a ton of other goodies. They even handed out bags to recycle your stuff in instead of just throwing it away. We landed in Brisbane at about 7:30 AM Aussie time and then got on our connect to Cairns.

I have been staying at the Bohemia Resort in Cairns for the past 4 days and it is gorgeous. It’s a hostel with a pool, bar, and bbq pit. I am in a room with three other girls that are also going to The University of Sydney. The whole time I have been here, I have been fed super well (all included with the program I am going through) and have not stopped smiling once.

I have also held a Koala, pet and fed a kangaroo, gone swimming in mossmon gorge, gone to Cape Tribulation, found a sand dollar at the beach, saw where Steve Irwin died, ate crocodile meat and am diving the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow! I would say that is a lot for only being here four days.

The second day I was here, I went on a Jungle Tour with a bunch of other students and this is where we swam in the gorge. It was hidden way back in the rainforest and had tons of rocks to lay out on. We would jump in off the rocks into the rapids and then be pushed down the river. We also went to the Daintree Rainforest ice cream shop, where they had tons of fresh fruit trees. They picked the fruit daily and would make ice cream out of it. It has been so nice to eat so many fresh fruits and vegetables. Wayyyyy better then in the states.

I am thoroughly enjoying living the life with “no worries.” All the people are so nice and caring. The food here is so fresh, they don’t have hot dog buns only bread, there yield signs say “give way,” I tried vegemite and it is the most disgusting thing I have ever put in my mouth, and I am so excited to get to Sydney on Saturday and hang out with even more Australians!

But for now G’day from down under.


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