Heather: Dinner for the Fam

February 15, 2010

As I completely forgot to mention how my dinner for the family went the other night, I figured I could do it now. I decided to make chicken alfredo for multiple reasons. 1-I love it. 2-Chicken is non-existant in this household and I NEED CHICKEN. 3-I know how to make it. 4-We don’t eat pasta in this house, so I wanted to get out of the rice dishes. and 5-I NEED CHICKEN.

Anyways, I bought all the ingredients at pretty reasonable prices. The butter and cream were a little sketch, but I made them work. They have this stuff here called Blue Band, and it’s like this nasty margarine crap that no one likes. Didn’t use that. I wanted it do it all on my own so I sent Irene na mama to the living room so I could make the dinner. I timed everything pretty well, started the noodles first and got them cooking right away. I had the most fun mashing up the garlic. I used one of those masher things that you use in Chemistry class, except it was for food obviously. Kayla and Dave, you probably know what I’m talking about; I think you have one. Anyway, the meal turned out well. I wanted to add broccoli to it but the stuff at Uchumi looked pretty nasty so I left it alone. Also, I didn’t know how to steam it with the equipment I had here and you’re not supposed to eat the veggies raw or you’ll be barfing all over. Kind of like Yukon, I hear.

My family enjoyed it and the entire bowl was finished between the 4 of us. Baba told me to make it again sometime. The only thing I wish was different was that I had more spices to use. I needed regular pepper and I figured my family had it, but they only had chili pepper. Not the same. But overall it went very well and I hope to make another meal for them soon. One of my friends made grilled cheese yesterday for her family and they did NOT like it. The cheese thing screws them up here.

As mentioned, I will be heading to Uganda this weekend for some fun! I am pretty excited!


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