Kaley: I have arrived!

February 15, 2010

Well my mates, I’m here! I’ve completely lost track of the days and still haven’t figured out the time difference because I really haven’t had time to so I just count on someone here knowing it. Basically I’ll brief what’s been happening since I left.

I thought I wasn’t going to leave Minnesota because my flight was originally to Dallas then LA and all flights out of Dallas were cancelled. I ended up flying to Chicago with a 3 hour layover and then made it to LA in time for the group flight to Australia. LA to Brisbane was 15 hours and I slept about 7. The rest I was watching a movie (accidentally cuddling with my neighbor who is now a friend) and looking at the islands we were flying over. Everyone of the flight had Aussie accents so it made the flight that much better. Brisbane was really hot and my luggage was difficult to drag but it didn’t compare to Cairns which I don’t even want to think about. Right now I’m sitting by the pool, it’s about 90 degrees and so humid but I’ve never enjoyed myself more. All the days are starting to blur together but I’ll try and brief them.

Day 1: got all moved into our hostel, had a “sausage sizzle” (which is hot dogs on pieces of bread) then went to orientation and learned the Aussie way. We ate dinner then stayed around the hostel and met some kids that had been here for a while.

Day 2: Went to the rainforestation. I held a koala, pet kangaroos, and held a large and in charge snake. Things got crazy. A couple friends and I ate dinner at a really cute restaurant downtown and walked out to the marine and found a nice bar where the bouncer bought a beer for one of my guy friends. “I’m not gay, but it’s not every day I get to buy beer for a good looking black dude.”

Day 3 (today): Today was epic. We had to wake up at 6:30 and we rode out to another place like the rainforestation. We saw tree kangaroos and other animals. Then we went to the oldest rainforest in the world and swam in a cove (I’ll put pictures up when I’ve got time). We saw large spiders, ate green ants that taste like lime, and had some REALLY great ice cream. We saw where Steve Irwin died (RIP) and went to a secluded beach. We also saw a cassowary in the wild (which is rare because there are only like 1500 in the world and they’re the most dangerous birds). Anyway we got back at 7:15 and had to hurry for dinner. Tomorrow we’re planting trees for our volunteer day and the reef is on Wednesday! Then I go back to Brisbane and move into my home for the next couple of months!

Other details: Ketchup doesn’t actually taste different. It’s hard to cross the street when you don’t remember which side the cars are coming from. Every other thing here is “deadly” but I really haven’t seen any of it yet. There are HUGE bats everywhere. Aussies shorten everything.

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