Daniel: Segundo rollo

February 18, 2010
Here are some shots from the second roll of film I developed yesterday. The bottom three are just some interesting people I saw while walking through the Zocalo. Two of which are street vendors and one is just some guy that really didn’t move for about a half hour.

The middle two are from a trip we took to the forests north of the city where people from all over Cuernavaca, the state of Morelos, and surrounding states walk or bike to see the miracle that occurred at the site of Chalma. It was pretty unbelievable to see such a diverse crowd making the trek, especially the elderly and children. The man pictured with the backpack set out Saturday morning at 5:00am with his family from a neighboring state called Puebla. They walked all day and much of the night and they usually only sleep for 3-4 hours because “you can’t wake up otherwise”, he explained to us smiling all the while. There was really just a constant flow of people coming down winding trails through the woods and across the roads back into the brush. Crazy stuff kids.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Pasa sanitary landfill which wasn’t too far away, where Charlie attempted to get into the actual landfill area strictly for educational purposes, but had no such luck. The two on top are from that portion of the trip. I’ll be posting some digital photos a bit later that are also from this excursion.


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