Kaley: Home sweet home

February 18, 2010

Finally all moved in to my flat in Brisbane. it’s 4 boys, 2 girls, all people I’ve spend the past week with so it should be interesting and fun. We blew a fuse playing some music the first 10 minutes.

Anyway, on Tuesday we planted trees for the Cassowaries and then went out to a pub crawl (they do those way too much in Cairns). Wednesday was the best day… The Great Barrier Reef. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in my whole life. We swam with sea turtles and stingrays among other things. I can’t really describe it so just come and see it yourself!

First night in Brisbane was really good, we went out downtown, met some Aussies and went over to their house which ended up being really close to where we lived. I’m not sure that sleep is a concern here so I was lucky enough to watch the sunrise this morning and am still trying to find time for a nap. Aussies love to party (the good way not the sloppy way).

One of the people we hung out with last night was a red head and she preferred to be called “ranga.” yessssss. They all have nicknames here, usually dropping the end of your name and adding  “ie.” Did I mention that I like veggiemite? It’s not actually that bad, kind of like a really salty sandwich spread but it’s good with just bread and butter. Anyway, I’m going to the Uni today to get my student ID card and look at the campus, which I hear is beautiful.

One of the kids who lives a couple floors below us wants to go to a national park and cliff dive sometime this weekend so I may be doing that… otherwise I don’t start school until the 2nd and probably need to find a beach!

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