Emma: No Worries

February 20, 2010

It’s so crazy to think that I have already been to Sydney for almost a week. Everyday just seems to get better and better. This past week has just been filled with a ton of orientations for school and just learning my way around my new home.

Starting with campus, which is honestly the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. I thought Minnesota was huge and beautiful, but it really has nothing on the campus here. All the buildings are so old and it looks just like Hogwarts. There is this tunnel going through part of campus called the graffiti tunnel and it is just basically a huge tunnel with graffiti on the walls, ceiling, and floo. Pretty cool to say the least. There are also so many restaurants and stores around campus. All of them are super healthy with nothing fried ever…which also means no Panda Express HA! Oh and there is also a bar on campus and apparently a lot of students go for a beer between classes…

I don’t start class until March 1, but as of now I am planning on taking abnormal psychology and also an outdoor learning class. With the outdoor learning class we get to go on field trips all around Australia sooo I am kind of excited about that.

This past week a ton of people have been moving in from all around the world. A good majority of the people are Americans, but a good number of Australians too. My friends and I met a guy named Xan who lives in a suburb outside of Sydney. He took my friends and I back to his home and then drove us literally EVERYWHERE around Sydney. His house is amazing with the most gorgeous view ever…such a lucky guy. We had dinner on Bondi Beach, went to The Sydney Harbor National Park, drove over the Harbor Bridge, saw the opera house, went to Luna Park which is like Coney Island, went down the strip of Kings Cross, saw all the good shopping on Oxford St and so so so much more. He is the kindest young man ever and is always so willing to help us out.

The next day my friends and I went on a walking tour to Darling Harbor, got free drinks and learned a lot about the ins and outs of Sydney. There is just so much to see and do.

Yesterday I went to Manly Beach. SO amazing. It’s a small beach town with tons of surf shops and restaurants. We took a ferry there and relaxed on the beach all day! Last night was my first experience in Kings Cross. There are just so many parts of town that every night something new is going on!

Today we went to Glebe St Market, just like a straw market with a bunch of stuff for sale. We figured out this would be the cheapest ways to buy clothes, and they are all made by the people selling them so they are 100% original! We also went to some of our friends water polo game…such an Australian thing to do haha.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences! Having studied in Sydney in 2005, I love re-living the joy of discovery that I got when travelling in Australia, through your posts 🙂

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