Emma: G’day mate!

February 23, 2010

2 weeks later and I am still living the dream, smiling non-stop, and wondering what exciting adventure is about to happen next!

Right now it is O-Week on campus (Orientation Week) so there is a ton of free food and events going on. At Sydney University Village (the place I am living) we had a free BBQ on Sunday including sausages and burgers. After the BBQ we walked down to Victoria Park where the start of Mardi Gras Festival was taking place! The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras here in Sydney is the second largest Mardi Gras in the world! The festival was pretty interesting to say the least…drag queens, music and food everywhere. Fantastic! The parade is next week so if we venture down to that, I am sure there will be plenty of interesting stories….

Monday Feb 22 was a pretty lazy day, did some laundry which is outrageous..$4.50 a load just to wash and not dry. Sooo I hung my clothing all over my room to dry because I am doing all I can to save money. HA!

Last night we went on a pub crawl all around Newtown, which is the part of town that I live in so all the pubs were within walking distance. For a Monday night there were a good amount of people that went out. It was a good mix of people from OZ, the US (saying that 70% of the people who live where I do are Americans) and a few from Europe.

The next day called for what we thought would be a lazy day at the beach. Our friend Xan took us to Coogee Beach in the afternoon, on the way the way there we drove through Centennial park, saw the blue line that traced the route for the Sydney Olympic Marathon (obviously I thought this was cool) met up with one of his friends and headed to the beach. It was very windy day and a little cool (okay not as cold as home but still cool) so the waves were a little intense. We went in the water for ohh about 2 min got rocked. Lost both my contacts, was on the verge of drowning with my friend Lindsey (not really but still) and then our friend got stung by a jelly fish..sounds pretty relaxing hey!?

After the events of the beach we went back to Xan’s home (where I was blind for the about the next 6 hours because I was an idiot and didn’t take extra contacts to the beach with me). His mum invited the girls and I to stay for dinner. The dinner consisting of curry, bananas with coconut, cucumber salad, so many sauces and so so much more was absolutely delicious. It was nice to have a good home cooked meal! Xan’s family are the kindest and the most caring individuals ever. They are so funny and sometimes I wish people in the US could laugh and joke as much as people do here.

Today we are walking down to the Botanical Gardens, seeing the Opera House and doing all that good stuff!

I have also decided that I will be bringing home an entire suitcase of Tim Tams(amazing chocolate cookies). They are my life and I have already gone through 2 packs in a week! I was also taught that if you bite off alternate corners put it in tea or hot cocoa and suck like a straw until you taste the liquid and then put it the whole cookie in your mouth you will be in heaven. Mmmm

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