Daniel: La Ciudad de Mexico, Evo Morales

February 24, 2010

We went to Hidalgo Square in Mexcio City to see Evo Morales (the current president of Bolivia) speak this past Sunday. He was on an ‘unofficial’ visit, as he was Headed to Cancun for a conference and had just stopped in the Federal District to receive the key to the city, have lunch, and give a speech to an enthusiastic crowd. The four flags in the following pictures are the flags of Mexico, Bolivia, an indigenous flag, and the one with the ‘PT’ on it is the Partido del Trabajo, or Labor Party of Mexico.

Every one of these shots was taken in about a 20 foot radius. Moving became a bit difficult when Charlie made sure we had a front row seat for the passing of Evo, and to ensure he had a chance of getting another famous handshake. No luck this time though, security was tight.

The bottom photo is sadly the best photo of Evo I could get. I don’t want to make excuses but it was getting dark and shooting with an 18-135mm at about 120mm, f4.5 or so with a 1600 ISO. The amount of people packed in around me didn’t help this matter either. He’s the guy wearing the hat and flowers.







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