Heather: classes & preparing for Mombasa

February 27, 2010

Life here in Nairobi has been pretty laid back for the past couple days. It was rather depressing going back to school on Tuesday because Uganda was so much fun and it was a real vacation. No one wanted to go back. We’ve only been having 2 classes a day recently instead of 3. We were told this was to give us time to write our papers that they’re loading on us. I just got another 5 page paper today, due on Tuesday. Ugh.

Classes are going well. They’re pretty easy for the most part. Kiswahili is going well…we have a scavenger hunt around downtown on Monday, so that will be nice to be able to get out of the classroom for a couple hours. In Development we’re just talking about Post Independence development plans and how to improve the country. It’s very repetitive so it’s easy to fall asleep. In Country Analysis we’re discussing the challenges that Kenya faced with a new constitution and the expectations of the new constitution. This professor is pretty legit so it makes class fun. In my environment class we’re talking about agricultural chemicals and soil erosion, stuff like that. I actually enjoy this class, it’s interesting.

We don’t have classes tomorrow so a couple of us are going to go downtown to go to the UN buildings and get some research done for our papers. I hope I can finish my first one by Sunday; I am on track so I think this might be doable. On Saturday my friend Mia and I are going to head downtown to go to the Maasai market. Irene is going to come with us to tell us what the price of things should be so we don’t get ripped off like we normally would. I am mastering my bargaining skills some more. I went to Adam’s market the other day and bought a shirt for Ksh150. However, I was at the end of the street before he actually came up to me and handed it to me and told me I could have it for Ksh150.

I got my information for my Mombasa family yesterday. My mom is a social worker, not sure what my dad does though. I have 4 siblings-25, 19, 16, 13. Pretty good ages. I will be sharing a room again, but that’s ok. But apparently we live very near to a great beach. So we all know where I’ll be after work every day! Getting excited! I am confident that my family here in Nairobi is going to miss me when I’m gone, but then again I might be too much for them.

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