Emma: Heaps!

March 3, 2010

Yes, even though class has started I am still sitting here smiling.

My first class was on Tuesday: Abnormal Psychology. Lecture was just like a lecture back home—huge and where you’re a number not a name so it wasn’t very different at all. In this class we have one paper, one quiz, one final exam, and one presentation. Pretty comparable to home.

When I was walking to class the first day it was super weird because I felt like a freshman again… not knowing where anything is or hardly anyone on campus. A little intimidating because most of the classes are in “theaters” so they don’t have room numbers just names. So once you get to the building the “theater” is in, it’s up to you to find it without room numbers. HA what a joke.

My other observation is that everyone here wears skinny jeans or leggings… nothing else. And I am not kidding when I say absolutely no other types of jeans. And yes this includes a good majority of the guys too. Not leggings but skinny jeans. HA! So first this means shopping for me and second this means me thinking in my head about my guy friends back home wearing skinny jeans. Makes me laugh literally everytime.

My second class was today (Wednesday) it’s a sports leisure and youth culture class and should be a lot of fun. We basically learn about the Olympics the whole time and how to prepare the youth culture to compete in the Olympics. There is also an option to do a presentation on beach sports, i.e surfing. Perfect! The lecture hall this class is in is the most awkward thing I have ever seen in my life. They have benches instead of chairs with tables in front and the angle the auditorium is on is at almost 90 degrees. Weird… It is also full of athletes, which I am pretty sure means the same thing as MN—an easy class.

Random side note: Instead of having “dorms” they have “colleges” here. So you go to uni and live in a college, if that makes sense. The “colleges” are like frats but with boys and girls, and the people who live there tend to live there all four years of uni. But to get to the point, as a first year in college you tend to get hazed. So today while walking to class I saw random girls wearing huge harry potter type robes and carrying a brick around. I just looked at them confused and went on my way. I later asked my Aussie friend what that was all about. He told me that in one of colleges as freshman for the first week you have to wear your academic robe (the harry potter thing) to class and carry a brick around. You also must name the brick and introduce it to everyone that you introduce yourself too. Other people in the college then go around trying to steal your brick. If your brick gets stolen that means you have to carry around 2 bricks and if your 2 bricks get stolen then you have to carry 4, etc. Ridiculous, sooo ridiculous, but so funny at the same time!

The exciting news of my life right now is that I AM GOING TO FIJI!!!!! Some girls and I are going the beginning of June when we have our “study vacation” I am seriously so excited and even called mom at some random hour of the night to tell her because I needed to share my excitement with someone.

For our mid-semester break a group of us are going to our friend Simon’s Holiday House about an hour north of Sydney. We are then planning on going up to Byron Bay, The Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, etc. Sounds like a nice break to me.

This weekend I believe we are going to Sydney Olympic Park to see the site of where the Olympic games took place!

Hope all is well. I hear it’s been 30 degrees at home. It’s also 30 degrees here… Celsius.

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